Like said already, one of the members in the Bigg Boss show will be evicted today, July 21. Who is that unlucky person going to be? People who are in the firing line are Mohan Vaidya, Meera Mithun, Cheran, Saravanan and Abirami. Predictions and speculations suggest that Mohan Vaidya is the one who is going to get eliminated today. We have the second promo of today’s episode which suggests that Abirami could also be a possible candidate to be eliminated. Abirami is seen in tears in this promo and she also whispers, “what wrong did I do to go out of this Bigg Boss house?” Maybe this is just a false alarm and maybe it is someone else who will be evicted today? Stay tuned, meanwhile, check out this latest promo:
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Cheran Bigg Boss

Mohan Vaidya elimination