There have been a lot of controversies surrounding Vanitha Vijayakumar for the past few days and the entire state of Tamil Nadu knows about it. Her wedding with Peter Paul has created a lot of discussion and controversy on social media. Peter’s first wife Elizabeth Helen is demanding justice for her children and has claimed that she is yet to be legally divorced from Peter. While addressing the controversy in one of her recent interviews, Vanitha Vijayakumar hurt the sentiments of a section of people and it landed her in trouble.

Vanitha said that she was from Thanjavur and it was very common for men there to have more than one wife. Citing the example of her father Vijayakumar, Vanitha said that a lot of men in Thanjavur will have two or three wives and it was a normal practice there. This statement offended a lot of them, especially the people in Thanjavur. Condemning her statement, politicians from BJP and Congress filed a complaint against Vanitha yesterday (July 23) at Pattukottai Police Station. They demanded an apology from Vanitha for her statement and also threatened to go on a strike against her.

Following all these issues, Vanitha has now apologized for her words and clarified that she never intended to hurt anyone. She apologized to the people of Thanjavur and added that the place is very special to her. She took to Twitter to share her apology. Vanitha tweeted, “Tanjavour is my native and I am very proud of its heritage and culture..I never spoke anything to hurt any of my people who are all my family..I spoke very proudly that the men are so honest to take care of their families and be true to their commitments and responsibilities.

I spoke highly of my father as a husband who is from mother too is from #Tanjore but different castes...I will never feel bad to apologize for something I have said or done wrong if it really was wrong..I may have been misunderstood but have no such disrespect to. My fellow brothers and sisters from #Tanjore ...kindly dont misinterpret my anger and tone to another issue as disrespectful to you..I am very sorry if I unintentionally said anything that may have hurt your feelings...endrendrum thalaivanungugiren en thanjai mannirku. Thavaraga pesi irunthal mannikkavum thambis and thangachis..

This apology statement has got a mixed reaction from the people and we will have to wait for a few more days to know if the political parties will withdraw their cases. Two days back, Vanitha deactivated her Twitter profile citing that there is so much of negativity, hatred and fake people, but it is unclear as to what made her return to the micro blogging platform again. Check out Vanitha’s apology tweets below:

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