Most people are looking at the death toll caused by the COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus, by infecting people! However, the Virus is also taking a toll in other ways! Little do we think of the frontline Corona Warriors - Doctors, nurses, other healthcare & sanitary workers, Policemen & many other such people, who have been spending the majority of their recent days, in various steps for fighting this Corona Virus! This has not only exposed them more to the Virus but has also been creating an unrealistic work pressure! There have been numerous stories surfacing, of many frontline Corona workers having to spend over 20 hours a day, in their jobs! Now, another such incident has come to light!

A 24-year-old doctor, who was working at the Government Stanley Medical College Hospital, has reportedly taken his life by jumping from the 3rd floor of the Men's Hostel! We hear that the deceased Dr. Kannan, had reportedly committed suicide due to heavy work pressure! This has been reported from a few messages in the internal WhatsApp groups for the doctors from that hospital. Kannan hailed from Udumalpet in Tiruppur district and has studied MBBS at the Thanjavur Medical College before joining the Stanley College in June. Dr. Kannan had specialised in Orthopaedics. A few doctors at the Government Stanley Medical College found Dr. Kannan lying on the ground neat the hospital with multiple fractures, at 4:00 am and immediately alerted the hospital authorities, before rushing him to the ICU! 

The Police were immediately informed and a team arrived at the scene. Some reports state that Dr. Kannan had been attending to patients till 1:30 am, before he left for his room. A Police report states that the doctor's room is on the 3rd floor of the Men's Hostel and suspect he could have jumped from there. The Police have sent his body for a postmortem examination and filed a case of unnatural death, under CrPC 174! However, as Dr. Kannan did not leave behind any suicide note, the exact reason behind his death is not certain for sure and investigations are on! It is very sad and disheartening to hear of such news and we sincerely pray that Dr. Kannan's family finds the strength to tide them over this difficult period!