Values are everything: Babylona

Glamour actress Babylona, known for her item numbers in South Indian films, has more than her fair share of problems in her personal life since she is acting in adult films and her roles on the screen have created an unsavoury public image and resultant crisis.

"Just because I act in adult films and in very glamorous roles, you can't assume that I do such things in my real life. In fact, my principles are everything to me," says Babylona, the daughter of the old actress Suchithra.

"There is a general assumption that actresses who are ready to cooperate with filmmakers to extend sexual favors to them are more likely to succeed. But that is not true. There might be some actresses who also indulge in such attempts, but I'm not one of them. I agree that I star in adult films, but it does not mean the same in my real life," she added.

However, Babylona landed in big trouble last year when rumors began that she had acted in porn films. Chennai city cops confiscated some tapes and VCDs which featured her. But the actress rushed to the station and clarified that she hadn't starred in those porn clips. The clips were modified and morphed to make them look like her, she claimed.

Babylona, who had been in great demand during the early years of her career, made a comeback in an item dance and few scenes in the Kalbhavan Mani starrer Payum Puli last year.

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