Actor Rahul Ravindran, is upset with a supposed Ajith Kumar fan who has been harassing his wife, singer Chinmayi Sripada with his abusive tweets. The singer recently shared a Whatsapp forward which was one of those memes on actor Ajith. While the most Ajith fans laughed along and forgot about it, one person with the Twitter id as @Thala_Ajith_Fan, has mockede her with extremely abusive language.

Those unpleasant tweets have annoyed her husband Rahul who posted a series of tweets a day ago, writing: "Wife shared some of the things trolls have tweeted in reply to her sharing a Whatsapp forward.. She herself wishes she hadn't. But.... I usually ask her to ignore and practice the same.. But wow.. Basic lack of decency and shame. Education's been wasted on them. Poor Chinmayi is not as thick skinned as I can be. But some of these trolls can get through to a buffalo with their spite. Some tweets..Hurt her and she starts replying to a lot of tweets she wouldn't otherwise reply too. This guy...Most likely not even a Thala fan...I really wanna mess with him.. Someone help me get his mother's number."

Meanwhile, Chinmayi also chose to respond to the issue directly on social media through an article, that she posted on her official Facebook page. One of the paragraph stated, "There have been various studies that have been published on online troll behavior. They are said to be mix of sadists, narcissists and psychopaths."

While celebrities usually tend to ignore abusive comments, Chinmayi has chosen to respond with a well written article. Hopefully it will not add fuel to fire!