The Big Flower Fight is a new, lighthearted competition show which will soon be premiered on Netflix to bring you joy in these difficult times of COVID-19. The Big Flower Fight will introduce viewers to some truly extravagant floral arrangements and the ultra-talented people who design them. Like the title says, these displays are big. Each episode gives flower experts the chance to design monumental sculptures for a chance at serious exposure. Ten teams will compete in the face-off competition, which is a Netflix original and will stretch across eight episodes.

In each episode, the teams are tasked with creating a larger-than-life sculpture, competing to design and build the biggest, most outlandish and beautiful displays possible from flowers and other natural materials — all while staving off elimination for one more week. Though there's not too much known yet about the specific projects—other than the flowers will be used to create giant pieces of artwork—we do know that the series will be comparable to shows like The Great British Bakeoff or Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman's crafting series, Making It. Here’s an exclusive peek at The Big Flower Fight which launches on May 18. What the promo now: