Yesterday, on the 4th of May, Vijay Deverakonda had put up a video criticizing website that carries fake news stories. He mentioned that of the websites are unethical and are misusing their power. It was after a website which carried a news story against Vijay Deverakonda’s charity foundation which has been doing welfare activities for people who are hit during this lockdown crisis. This video has created a huge sensation among the audience. Even film stars have supported Vijay’s decision to go all against the media. Even Superstar Mahesh Babu took to his Twitter space to share a few words in favour of Vijay Deverakonda. 
 Mahesh Babu comes in support of Vijay Deverakonda
Mahesh Babu’s statement reads as follows: “It takes years of hardwork, effort, patience, passion and sacrifice to earn the love and respect of the people. You work to be the husband your wife deserves, the superhero father your kids want you to be, and the superstar your fans crave for. And then, some faceless person,ready to do anything for money, disrespects you, lies to readers and spreads misinformation , all for his next paycheck. I want to protect our beautiful industry Of Telugu cinema, I want to protect my fans and I want to protect my kids from a world where this is considered normal. I call upon the industry to act upon these fake websites that live off us and disrespect and lie about us collectively. #KillFakeNews #KillGossipWebsites”