It is well known that Thalapathy Vijay is currently one of the biggest stars in Kollywood as well as across South India! The following he enjoys is akin to that of a demigod! All Thalapathy fans were eagerly waiting for the release of his upcoming movie Master but the COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus Pandemic caused all theatres to be shut down and the release has been delayed! However, the love that Thalapathy fans have for their favourite star is immeasurable and this has come to the light once again, after a die-hard Vijay fan died by suicide, yesterday! Bala, ended his life by suicide yesterday evening after a series of tweets online and since then the #RIPBala hashtag has been trending on Twitter. One of his final tweets mentioned that he was leaving without seeing his beloved Thalapathy or his next movie Master. Ever since Bala's passing, Vijay fans have been mourning his death!

Now, we hear that Thalapathy Vijay himself has called and spoken to Bala's family. Our sources confirm that he spoke to them and extended his condolences and consoled them over their great loss. This goes to show that Thalapathy Vijay cares as much for his fans as they do for him. However, it us unfortunate that Bala had to take his own life. These testing COVID times have been taking an enormous toll not just on the physical wellbeing but also everybody's mental health. The term "mental health" is being used very frequently in recent times, especially after young Bollywood star Sushant Singh Rajput took his own life, following weeks of being in depression. His death stirred up a hornet's nest with many different conspiracies being speculated as being the reason behind it, with the most prominent being nepotism.

However, all said and done, suicide can never be a solution and we repeatedly emphasise, please reach out to your close ones if you ever think of taking extreme measures. There are a number of organisations that are providing counselling to people who feel that they need help in handling their mental health. Even if it is difficult to approach some unknown people, please open up to your near and dear ones and seek help! Taking care of one's own mental health is as important as anything can be! We once again reiterate, "Suicide is not a solution!" We pray for Bala's soul to rest in peace and extend our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family!