Thala Ajith's latest leaded video is spreading virally. The actor proves yet again that he is a gentle man with the manners he exhibit in this short video of 30 seconds.

1. Talking casually to the common people in Tamil. Ajith casually asks 'Ippadi Varalama' (Can I come this way?) politely to the workers standing in the entrance making them feel at ease.

2. As he enters the building, he questions the people there 'Nala Irukingla?' (Are you fine?). It is evident he is not faking that love and care. His warm smile says that as he quickly looks into the eyes of the people.

3. He removes his shoes before entering the house (looks like he is attending a house warming ceremony). Inspite of being such a big star, he is so humble and grounded and respects our tradition. With no second thoguht, he removes his shoes and enters the new house bare foot.

4. Looks like he is late so he enters the house saying sorry to the host. He says it from the heart again proving he owns up his actions.

5. Very interesting to see he is carrying a plate full of fruits, neatly packed in a transparent polythene cover and he carries it gracefully. A thoughtful gift indeed!

Watch the video again and you will agree with us!