Popular Tamil lyricist, singer, composer, and producer Kaber Vasuki, who first burst into the music scene with his independent albums and songs, has carved a niche for himself in Tamil cinema as well over time. Known among fans as a member of the Tamil rock band Kurangan, the singer-composer's songs carry a unique style of storytelling with lyrics that resonate with the common people and their everyday lives. That said, Kaber Vasuki, who has been active in the indie music scene since 2008, recently sold one of his original song demos as an NFT for 50 ETH, valued at approximately 1.5 CR INR at the time of sale. It is to be noted that an early phone recording of Vasanam - one of his most popular songs - was sold as an NFT, making it the world’s first reported sale of an NFT by a Tamil artist.

Another big honour for Kaber Vasuki worth noting is that he was one of the first Tamil musicians to successfully crowdfund an independent album, Azhagu Puratchi, in 2014, while also going on to contribute lyrics, vocals and music in films like Aelay, Metro Maalai and Dhaarala Prabhu. Metakovan, the Singapore based buyer of the famous $69 million Beeple NFT, bought Kaber Vasuki’s NFT titled Vasanam - Kaber Vasuki (2012 demo) on behalf of the Metapurse fund, an NFT Fund and Production Studio. Kaber Vasuki, who began his career as an independent artist by uploading lo-fi demos to YouTube in 2008, is all set to release his first independent EP at the end of 2021 and will incidentally mark his transition to a solo artist.