The makers of the upcoming film Oh My Dog have unveiled the first official teaser today (April 8). The teaser shows a young kid and a blind pup Simba, showcasing lots of cute and fun moments of their unique friendship. This teaser looks like a dreamy, magical film for children, that every child can come, watch and have a great time with. The movie talks about their world, their desires, how much they care, their courage, how much they want to win, their friendship, their sacrifice, their unconditional love, their bravery and their loyalty.

This Arun Vijay family entertainer is a long-awaited project bankrolled by Jyotika and Suriya's production house, 2D Entertainment. Written and directed by debutant Sarov Shanmugam, the film stars three generations of the real-life film family (grandfather-father-son trio) – Vijayakumar, Arun Vijay and Arnav Vijay, the latter who is making his debut as an actor, in the lead roles while Mahima Nambiar and Vinay Rai will be seen in pivotal roles. Arun Vijay will play his son's father on screen as he does in real life while Vijayakumar will play his grandfather as he does in real life too.

The film revolves around the heartwarming relationship between a boy and a blind pup named Simba. A blind pup is ordered to be killed by its breeder, because of certain defective birth. But destiny interferes and allows the dog to escape eventually. On the other hand, a hyperactive boy who is hated by everyone except his parents. He is neither a good student, nor is he obedient, nor a sweet next-door boy, but is a very happy go lucky kid. Both the blind pup and boy meet and their lives get intertwined. How they win the heart of others and prove themselves as worthy forms the crux of the story. Quite interesting, right?. Oh My Dog premieres on Amazon Prime Video as a direct OTT release on April 21.

Check out the official teaser of Oh My Dog here: