Kanguva: Suriya-Siva film release plans revealed, producer G. Dhananjeyan explains the massive effort for the 3D conversion works (EXCLUSIVE)

Suriya kanguva release date april or may 2024 producer g dhananjeyan reveals director siva - Tamil Movie Cinema News
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National Award-winning Tamil actor Suriya's next big film, Kanguva, being directed by blockbuster director Siva and featuring music composed by Devi Sri Prasad is nearing the final stages of production, popular producer-distributor G. Dhananjeyan informed in an exclusive interview with Galatta. Speaking about the highly-anticipated action film's release plans, he said, "The Thailand portions have been shot and the team has returned. The set works are currently underway for the next portions to be shot. Suriya sir will complete filming by November and the balance portions will also be wrapped up. The film will definitely come as a summer 2024 release." 

Dhananjeyan further explained the massive work being carried out to make Kanguva as big and grand as possible and said, "As of now, the 3D conversion works are going on as the film will open in theatres in 10 languages and there are plans to position this film on an international level." He added, "The release date for a film like Kanguva that is being made on such a grand scale cannot be announced just like that with a date. There is a lot of planning that is necessary. Similar to the work for the IMAX version of Leo, there is a lot involved with the 3D conversion in Kanguva as it takes quite a lot of time. Only after the entire content is delivered will the 3D conversion begin. IMAX conversion can be done in 15 days, but it's not the same for this film."

Explaining the post-production scale of Kanguva, Dhananjeyan shared, "There is an effort of nearly 6 months involved. Everyone is working hard to deliver the content for the 3D conversion and complete the dubbing in 10 languages which is why [producer] Gnanavel Raja sir is planning for a release next summer sometime around April or May. Once the shooting is completed, we'll know how much time will be taken for the 3D conversion and dubbing works, including the promotions. The release date will be announced only after taking into consideration all these aspects. The film is being made beyond what was planned initially for the budget. Similar to how there was a rise in the Thangalaan budget, it's the same with Kanguva too. The reason Gnanavel Raja is making the film on such a huge budget is because those creations are coming out in a grand manner."

Watch producer G. Dhananjeyan talk about Suriya's Kanguva in the video below: