Squid Game is undoubtedly one of the most memorable television series in recent times. The 2021 series shot up to fame overnight for its one-of-a-kind subject matter and its overall wonderful execution. It is safe to say the Korean drama made a big impression on viewers, as the hit series had 1.65 billion hours viewed in the first four weeks of release. Not to mention the hundreds of people dressing up as the characters for Halloween last year. 

There have been many games that came up after Squid Game that drew inspiration from it. Now, interactive gaming company Immersive Gamebox, under a pact with Netflix, has developed an in-person Squid Game multiplayer game. Set to launch on September 21, the hour-long immersive digital game will have you competing against friends to survive all six challenges from the show — Red Light-Green Light, Honeycomb, Tug of War, Marbles, Glass Bridge and Squid Game. Similar to the actual show, the only way you can advance to the next round is if you pass. 

Every time a player fails, they lose a life in-game, and every time they win, they earn in-game money in what the company calls the piggy bank. With 3D motion-tracking visors and touch screens, players can enjoy the experience without having to wear bulky headsets. The multiplayer game can be played by a minimum of two adults and a maximum of six. 

The company recommends that people who are of age 16 years or older may participate. The Squid Game experience is available at all Immersive Gamebox’s locations across the U.S. and Europe, which include Utah, Illinois, Texas, California, Colorado and Virginia, as well as London and three other venues in the UK. It is not sure if the game will be released in India anytime soon as there has been no information regarding it.