As we all know, legendary singer SP Balasubrahmanyam is currently getting treated for lungs related complications after getting tested positive for Corona. He is at the ICU ward of MGM Healthcare hospital in Chennai. He has been critical and on life support for the past few days and the entire country has been praying for the legendary singer’s speedy recovery. SPB Charan has been regularly sharing updates about his father’s health condition and the hospital management has also been releasing press notes on a daily basis. SPB Charan today’s report shows a positive sign, he says SPB is responding to the treatment better and it’s a good day. He also adds that he is 90% out of sedation. Here is the complete statement of SPB Charan which was posted on August 25th: 
Good afternoon, I had a conversation with my doctors today, everything seems to be normal. As I had said yesterday, Dad is responding and he is 90% out of sedation and he is doing well. Dad is responding to the doctors to the treatment. I cannot say enough, and we as a family are very grateful for all the love and affection and for all the prayers that have come for my father’s way. We are also grateful to the MGM Health Centre and the doctors who have been diligently working with my father for his treatment and make sure that he is going to recover from this illness. Thank you again for all your prayers and hopefully, we can all see father as early as possible. It is a good day for everybody who are following my updates and expecting my father’s speedy recovery. Having said that I have a point to make. There have been a lot people asking me to put up these posts in Tamil. The reason why I choose to speak in English is because dad has a lot of fans all over the country and for me to put up separate posts in Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam and all the other languages that he has sung songs in would be extremely time consuming. I am in between prayers and talking to doctors and putting up updates for all his fans. So, please understand if there are people who cannot understand what I am trying to say, explain it to those people what I am saying. So, the news will spread and the positivity will also spread. Thank you everyone and have a good evening.”


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