In what can be called as a miracle, a video clip showing a man in Kerala narrowly escaping what could have been certain death due to a speeding vehicle has gone viral on social networking forums. 

In the clip, we witness the man walking on the side of the road in Kollam district when a speeding vehicle zooms past him by mere inches, leaving him both startled and shocked. As soon as the vehicle speeds past him, we see the man stopping and holding his chest to catch a breath, before running back in shock to the corner of the footpath. The incident is said to have taken place a few days back and the video has since been circulated widely on social media. 

Twitter user @nisarpati shared the chilling clip on his page a couple of days back after the video was recorded on CCTV cameras. In the video, we see the vehicle going past the man at insane speeds, leaving many on social media in shock and sharing their opinions on vehicle speeding, while wishing the man on his narrow escape. Nisar captioned the video on Twitter by writing, "Luckiest man of the month award goes to this man,". Watch it below:

Since being shared online, the video has garnered thousands of views with a number of comments directed towards the man walking on the road stating it was his fault he ended up in such a situation, while some others blamed the driver of the speeding truck. Some of the reactions are below: 

It is to be noted that a video of another narrow escape last month drew a lot of attention when a Mahindra Bolero SUV crashed into an out-of-control JCB machine, which ended up saving the life of a biker.