The past two days have been trying times for legendary singer SP Balasubrahmanyam's countless fans around the world, who have been mourning at his demise. The 74-year-old singer-actor passed away on September 25 at 1.04 PM after being admitted to the MGM Healthcare hospital in Chennai on August 5 for testing COVID-19 positive. SPB's death stunned many around the globe, who have since been sharing their condolences, including celebrities and reputed personalities from various walks of life paying their tributes in memory of the iconic singer. 

Having said that, SP Balasubrahmanyam's son, SPB Charan conducted a press meet on Monday to clarify various rumors that have been spreading since the death of the celebrated singer. One rumor addressed was in regard to actor Ajith's silence over SPB's demise for which Charan stated, "Ajith is my friend. Yes, he was a good friend to my father as well. Why is it such a big thing whether he had attended the funeral or not? He can mourn from his house too. That isn't an issue. Is that even a problem for us now? What if he speaks or not? You yourself are saying it's a rumor. Then, why are you allowing it to spread? Whether he mourns from his house and speaks to me over the phone, it is not necessary. This should not be made a subject of discussion. For us, my father is no more. This world has lost SP Balasubrahmanyam. We are grieving his loss and need time to overcome this tragedy. I get phone calls every day asking for clarity on every single issue. Should I take care of my mother or keep clarifying such issues? You all have such great respect for my dad. Please show us that mercy on our family at this time. I'm not going anywhere. I'll be back to working in cinema again. All I request is for us to be given some time to come out of this pain." 

MGM Healthcare in a statement on Friday informed that SP Balasubrahmanyam had tested negative for COVID-19 on September 4, but his condition deteriorated further and he suffered a cardio-respiratory arrest. SPB's voice has been the staple for many aspiring singers over the decades as the veteran had sung more than 40,000 songs in a glorious career spanning 54 years. SPB is survived by his wife Savithri and two children - daughter Pallavi and son SPB Charan.