Though initial cases of the COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus were identified in various countries towards the end of last year itself, the Virus announced itself in India, only early this year! Having come into India through travellers, the Corona Virus soon began spreading. However, the Indian government announced a nation-wide lockdown to control the spread of the Virus only from March 21st and it looks like that is all it took for the Virus to spread rapidly across India, making it now the world's second most affected country, by the Corona Virus. India is second only to the United States of America, after having crossed Brazil sometime back! After registering close to 1 lakh new cases everyday, the numbers have marginally reduced over the past couple of days. However, that still has not slowed down the spread of the COVID-19, in India!

As per the statistics released today (Sep 28) morning, the number of total COVID-19 infections in India, has crossed 60 lakhs! The last 24 hours have recorded 82,170 new COVID cases across the country, taking the overall tally to 60,74,702 cases. However, the recovery rate has also been good with the total number of recovered cases crossing the 50-lakh mark. The last 24 hours saw 74,893 new recoveries, taking the total to 50,16,520! Unfortunately, the death toll also increased by 1,039 new cases taking the total close to 1 lakh, at 95,542 deaths! The number of active COVID cases across the country stands at 9,62,640 making it 15.85 percent of the overall caseload! All this data from the Health Ministry points out that the recovery rate across the country is at 82.58 percent while the fatality rate has reduced to 1.57 percent. 

Data released by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) states that a total of 7.20 Crore samples have been tested so far with the last 24 hours alone seeing about 7.09 lakh samples being tested. India's COVID tally touched 1 lakh after 110 days while it took just another 59 days to reach the 10-lakh mark. In just another 21 days, India's COVID count touched the 20-lakh mark on August 7th, then the 30-lakh mark on August 23rd, 40-lakh mark on September 5th and the 50-lakh mark on September 15th. In less than 13 days, it has also touched the 60-lakh mark. The Health Ministry has also reiterated that over 70 percent of COVID related deaths, happened due to co-morbidities. As of now, Maharashtra has recorded the maximum fatalities, followed by Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, UP, Delhi and West Bengal. The lockdown restrictions have only been relaxed to help boost the economy and not because the Virus has been defeated. Please follow all safety precautions, as always!