Legendary singer SP Balasubrahmanyam had tested positive for the novel coronavirus in the first week of August and has been undergoing medical treatment since then. The iconic singer's road to recovery has been a rocky one, with his son SPB Charan providing updates in regard to his health on a constant basis to his countless fans around the world over the past few days. A few days back, the entire film fraternity including fans, offered their prayers and wished a speedy recovery for the six-time National Award-winning singer. 

Having said that, the doctors who have been treating SP Balasubrahmanyam, have now informed SPB Charan that the veteran singer has made a tremendous improvement and is on the road to a steady recovery. Charan, who has been keeping fans informed on his father's health improvement, has now released another statement. In the latest update, he has revealed that SP Balasubrahmanyam has tested COVID-19 negative, while also informing fans that his lungs are healing, but is taking some time. 
Speaking in the video, SPB Charan said, "Hello everyone, I apologize for not posting the updates over the weekend. I was hoping for very good news. We were expecting dad's lungs to improve as they were to a certain point where we could remove the ventilator. But, unfortunately, they are still not at that point where they can let him off the ventilator. The good news is dad is now COVID-19 negative. Again, as I had previously said, negative or positive, it doesn't matter now because we are all expecting and hoping for his lungs to heal fast. They are healing, but they are taking some time. Other than that, over the weekend, we did have a small celebration for mom and dad for their anniversary. And, dad is now watching a lot of cricket and tennis on his iPad. He's happy that the seasons have started and is looking forward to IPL. He's writing and communicating a lot. He's not in sedation and is very clear and bright. Physiotherapy is going on as planned. Again, we thank you all for your love, concern and prayers. Let's keep the prayers going. I'm praying for everybody including for my father and I hope you all do as well. Let's keep hope for life. Thank you." Watch the video below


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