Sivakarthikeyan’s third film under his production will be Vaazhl which is directed by Arun Prabu Purushothaman who made a striking debut with the 2017 film, Aruvi. Arun Prabu was raved for his strong writing and conviction and Aruvi gave him the right kind of start in the industry. He has now completed his second directorial, Vaazhl which is waiting for release. Sivakarthikeyan has produced this film under the banner of Sivakarthikeyan Productions in association with Madhuram Pictures.

As already announced, the makers have now released the first single from the film and this song is surely going to be a musical feast for the fans. The song holds a certain amount of breeziness that is beautiful and it also sets the right kind of mood for the film. This song which is called ‘Aahaa’ is an ode to nature and music director Pradeep Kumar delivers it in the most beautiful and poetic way. Apart from composing this song, Pradeep has also crooned and penned it on his own. The song might take some time to reach the masses, but it is surely an appreciable track.

The lyric video of this song has some breathtaking shots and it looks like we are going to witness a spectacular film in terms of visuals. Due credits to cinematographer Shelley Calist who also made his debut with Aruvi. Shelley’s visual tone looks beautiful and it is a feast to the human eye. The lyric video has been released on the official YouTube channel of Sony Music who owns the music rights of the film. Pradeep Antony, Bhanu, Diva and Yathra play the lead roles in Vaazhl. On the technical side, the film has editing by Raymond Derrick Crasta and art direction by Sree Ram.

Details regarding the film's release plans are yet to be known. We can get a better clarity about it in the next few weeks. The film is touted to make some noise in the society during its release and it is said to have got a very relevant topic in hand. The film’s teaser had got a good reception and it showed us that Vaazhl is not going to be just another Tamil film. Arun Prabu made a great impact with Aruvi and let us hope that he creates the magic with his next outing as well. With a star like Sivakarthikeyan backing up, the film is surely going to get more visibility and reach among the audience. For now, check out the newly released first single, ‘Aahaa’ from Arun Prabu Purushothaman’s Vaazhl here: