Sivaangi has become a huge sensation across Tamil Nadu among the young and the elderly who took an instant liking to her antics during her stint on the hit Vijay TV cooking reality show, Cooku with Comali season 2, which came to a grand conclusion sometime back. The show received a stellar feedback for each episode, including a record viewership on the streaming platform Hotstar, with Sivaangi turning out to be one of the biggest draws with her quick quips and timing counters. Currently one of the most popular celebrities in the Tamil entertainment industry, Sivaangi was already a big name prior to Cooku with Comali as she impressed fans with her singing skills on the reality TV show, Super Singer season 7, and entered the finals. 

Celebrating her birthday on Tuesday, Sivaangi has been receiving wishes from leading celebrities to her growing number of fans. In that light, Sivaangi, who is currently also starring in the upcoming Sivakarthikeyan film, Don, received a special birthday cake from the actor-producer leaving her surprised and overwhelmed at his sweet gesture. Taking to her Instagram page, the up-and-coming actress posted a photo of the birthday cake from Sivakarthikeyan and thanked him for his caring deed, 

It wasn't the end of the big birthday wishes that had come her way as Sivaangi's Cooku with Comali fellow contestant Ashwin too sent in his best regards to the budding star along with a sweet message. Posting his birthday wishes on her Instagram story, Sivaangi reiterated Ashwin's words along with a picture of his gift for her and another photo of them both together from CWC. She wrote, "Happiest Birthday Kedi Rowdy CM - SUCH AN 'SMILE MACHINE' YOU ARE. THANK YOU FOR BRINGING A SMILE IN EVERYONE. LET THIS YEAR PAVE WAY TO SPREAD YOUR ENERGY & POSITIVITY TO MORE & MORE PEOPLE. GOD BLESS!" 

Check out the pictures below: