Jennifer is a popular Tamil serial actress who is known for acting in the widely popular Zee Tamil serial, Sembaruthi. Jennifer was seen playing the role of Uma in Sembaruthi, but a few months before, she was replaced by Durga. Recently, Jennifer's name hit the headlines after her alleged lover got involved in a physical fight with Jennifer and her family members. The video of the fight had gone viral on social media. There were several theories and speculations behind the fight and the fans were confused about it. To put an end to the confusion, actress Jennifer met the press and media and explained in detail about the incident.

Yesterday (April 23), actress Jennifer filed a complaint against Udhayakumar, who is a Superintendent of Police, and Chitti Babu (Head Inspector of M6 Police Station) at the Chennai Commissioner Office. Jennifer had got married a few years back, but due to various reasons, she applied for divorce and the case is in progress at the Court. During this period, a person named Naveen, who worked as an assistant director in Sembaruthi serial, proposed to Jennifer. Though she had initially refused the proposal, she later accepted it after their (Naveen and Jennifer) families came into the picture. Considering the fact that Naveen's father is Udhayakumar, the Superintendent of Police, and believing that Naveen will be a good person, Jennifer and her family accepted their marriage proposal.

However, things reportedly turned uglier after that. Actress Jennifer, in her statement, said that Naveen often demanded money from her and blackmailed to leak her private videos if she didn't provide him with the money. Jennifer stated that Naveen physically abused her which resulted in the actress sustaining injuries and bruises on her face. Additionally, Naveen tore the dress of Jennifer and clicked pictures of her when she was half-naked. Jennifer added that she was both mentally and physically abused by Naveen and her family members. Things went out of control when Naveen and a few rowdies visited Jennifer's house and attacked everyone. Jennifer states that her younger sister was assaulted by the rowdies.

With so much trauma around, Jennifer has visited the M6 Police Station to file a complaint, but the complaint was not taken by Mr. Chitti Babu, who was the Inspector there. Jennifer states that because of Udhayakumar's influence, she is not able to take legal action against Naveen or others. Jennifer now believes that the Commissioner of Police will take necessary actions and requested the media and people to support her in this cause. Jennifer confessed that she does not want to become another Chitra in Tamil Nadu, adding that she is currently experiencing what Chitra experienced a few months before. The press meet video has been garnering attention among the netizens and support is coming in for the talented actress. Stay tuned for more updates.