With less than a day to go before the release of Sardar starring Karthi, fans and critics are frantically waiting for the movie to hit the screens. The film has been teased about for many months now and it is finally going to be available for the public to see. The film is set to release tomorrow on a record number of screens amidst the Diwali frenzy. But before we feast our eyes on P. S. Mithran's Sardar, let us quickly make a SWOT analysis for the film. 


1) KARTHI'S PERFORMANCE - Karthi is known to be a chameleon actor who can get in the skin of any character. He adapts and molds himself to the requirement of the character which he does effortlessly as we have seen this numerous times in his other movies. His acting range and prowess are unmatched and we are sure he is not going to hold back and will give it his all in Sardar as well. 

2) MULTIPLE PERSONAS - Karthi will be seen playing a dual role (father-son) in Sardar. But being a spy film, the actor will also be seen donning various disguises as spies do in spy films. This adds a sprinkle of excitement as it we will get to watch how these getups will be executed and how they will be used in the progression of the story. 

3) SUPPORTING CAST -  With Karthi taking center stage in Sardar, the rest of the cast is not to be forgotten. It boasts an array of actors who are more than well-known in the film industry for their evocative performances. This supporting cast includes stars such as Malayalam actress Rajisha Vijayan who is known for her promising performance in Karnan; Raashii Khanna who recently tasted success with Dhanush's Thiruchitrambalam and Bollywood actor, comedian, and most importantly Liger's Ananya Panday's father Chunky Panday who will be making his Tamil debut with this film.

4) P.S.MITHRAN - The director has been in the limelight ever since he made his debut in 2018 with the film Irumbu Thirai. He is known for his hard-hitting movies that tell an ugly truth showing us the darker sides of reality. He does this by doing some extensive and in-depth research on the subject matter of his film in order to present everything as accurately as possible just as it is in the real world. He did this in Irumbu Thirai with money fraud and in Hero (2019) with educational corruption. With that being said, we wonder what we can expect from Sardar. 

5) LAILA: The film will also feature Laila who will be making her big comeback to the film industry after 16 long years. She was one of the most successful Tamil actresses for a brief time and was much desired during the 2000s because of that very reason. Fans of the actors are in for a treat to see their favorite actress back on the big screen after being last seen in the Malayalam film Mahasamudram. 

6) G.V.PRAKASH KUMAR'S MUSIC - Sardar's music and the background score are something to look forward to as it has been composed by National Award winning music composer G.V. Prakash Kumar. The musician is a well-known name in the Tamil film and music scene as he has made a successful career for himself by churning out hit after hit ever since his inception with the 2006 film Veyil. 


1) LACK OF VILLAIN'S ESTABLISHMENT - From what we know and from what we have seen in the trailer, the villain of the film (played by Chunky Panday) has not been given much importance. There is not much importance given to the antagonist and this might take a toll on the film. It is often that in films like these, the baddie turns out to be some mediocre corporate business villain who does not pose any threat. Mithran's Irumbu Thirai had a strong villain who was touched upon quite a lot which resulted in the film steamrolling its way to success. But then again, it is possible that the villain character could also be kept under wraps. Only time will tell.

2) REACH OF SONGS - As it is a common trait in Indian cinema, songs play a huge role in contributing to the entertainment factor of a film. Sardar has 4 songs in it which were released one after the other by the makers. The whole jukebox of the movie was also dropped on October 19. But one thing that is noticed is that the songs are not gaining that much traction. It has not been able to connect with the masses and is yet to reach its maximum potential. 


1) HATTRICK SUCCESS - Though Sardar is just like any other movie, there is a lot riding on its main lead Karthi. Karthi has been busy this year and has already delivered two films, Viruman and Ponniyin Selvan: l, both of which went on to become huge blockbusters at the box office. Now with Sardar being his third release of the year, there is a big opportunity for Karthi to get three back-to-back smash hits which will get him a hattrick of success and might also put him on the map for other directors to pick up. 

2) MITHRAN'S REDEMPTION - With P. S. Mithran's first film, Irumbu Thirai, being a super duper hit while his second film, Hero (starring Sivakarthikeyan), was not considered to be all that great (commercially), the director can redeem himself through Sardar. If the film happens to perform well amongst the masses, it will catapult Mithran back to the top, making him a filmmaker to look out for. 


1) PRINCE - Sardar is getting a grand theatrical Diwali release on October 21, the very same day that the Sivakarthikeyan starrer Prince will also be releasing. Prince, therefore, stands as a direct competitor to Sardar and this poses a potential threat to the film. 

2) COMPLEXITY OF THE STORY - Movies that come under the genre of spy thrillers are often known for their over-the-top stories that are highly complex. There is a possibility that if Sardar were to follow this style of filmmaking, it might leave the audience confused and scratching their head in their seats. This might pull them out of the movie-watching experience potentially risking their review of the film. 

3) RUNTIME - The film's runtime is for 2 hours and 46 minutes while other films that are being released these days has an average runtime in the ballpark of 2 hours and 20 (or 30) minutes. This itself stands as a threat since it will be a challenge to keep the audience engaged and hold their attention for that long. The story and the film itself have to be really good for the audience to have their eyes glued to the screen. Let us hope that happens for the greater good of the film.