Salman playing God!

God Tussi Great Ho is a big film and Salman Khan's next release after almost eight months. Naturally, everyone, including Salman, is ensuring that everything goes right this time. There are rumours that Salman wasn't happy with the first promo of the film and has suggested some changes. Consequently, the teasers were withdrawn. It's said that a new set of promos will be on air soon.

"The first promo was basically to enlighten the viewers about the film," God Tussi Great Ho director Rumi Jaffery tells me, "We will actually kick-start the campaign with song promos. We haven't withdrawn the promos, that's a misconception."

Rumi defends Salman completely. "Salman is not the type to interfere in anyone's work. He's not made that way. Aajkal actors editing pe baithte hain aur promos bhi banate hain. But Salman doesn't belong to that breed." Rumi adds. Ask him if the release date will be shifted ahead [it's scheduled for release on 15th August] and Rumi shoots back, "No way! God Tussi Great Ho is arriving on that date. That's final."

Courtesy: Bollywood Hungama