Looks like all the producers of upcoming films are against the Tamil Film Producer's Council's announcement. RSSS Pictures who have produced the upcoming action flick Pokkiri Mannan, broke their silence on the TFPC's announcement to stop upcoming films. Pokkiri Mannan starring dance master Sridhar, which is slated to be released on September 4th, is one of the films which according to the TFPC will be stopped from screening.

Minutes ago, the makers of the film released a press note saying that the TFPC's sudden announcement has shocked the team. The producer highlighted that they have invested around 1 crore rupees for the film's promotions which would go wasted if the film does not release as per the scheduled date. Thereby, the team officially confirmed that the film will be released as per the planned date, which falls on September 4th.

Directed by Ragow Madesh, dance master Sridhar and Spoorthi Suresh play the lead roles in the film. Music director Indhravarman has scored the tunes for this film. Stay tuned with Galatta.com for further updates on the issue!