For the past few days, the entire social media is abuzz about Vanitha Vijaykumar’s wedding and the controversies that followed after. The Bigg Boss 3 contestant got married to VFX Supervisor Peter Paul on June 27 in Chennai amidst the lockdown and ever since then, there have been a lot of controversies surrounding it. Post the wedding, Peter Paul’s first wife Elizabeth Helen came out and demanded justice. To answer all the allegations, Vanitha Vijayakumar interviewed Peter Paul for her channel and this was the first time Peter appeared in front of social media after the wedding.

Peter Paul explained his side of the story and the interview has already gone viral on social media, garnering a lot of attention among the public. Having said that, one of Peter Paul’s former associates made some shocking revelations about Peter and his social media post has created a lot more questions for discussion. Prashanth Kirubakaran worked as an assistant director to Peter Paul for a film which is currently in the pre-production stages. However, due to various reasons, the project has now been dropped and the said producer will not be producing the film.

Prashanth Kirubakaran also said that the place where Vanitha - Peter’s interview was shot was not Peter’s office as he claims it to be. Prashanth says that the office belongs to the producer who permitted to shoot the interview there after repeated requests from Peter. What came as a shock in Prashanth’s post was that Peter Paul apparently was in a relationship with another actress (not Vanitha) who was supposed to act in his film.

Prashanth posted a long note on his Facebook page and it reads, “So here we go... As i had posted earlier, i was working as an associate director of Mr.Peter Paul in an movie. I don't wanna disclose the title of that science fiction movie. I met him 8 months before i joined his team through the reference of the producer of that movie. It was the mid of October 2019. When i joined, i was eager to read the script but there was nothing like that in the office. When I asked the producer, he said that's the reason they asked me to come.

So after 8 months of being in the office the story was still in his brain and not on paper. The first day he asked another associate to narrate the story to me and he did it with the bits and pieces of what he got from what Mr.Peter had told him. At the end of the first day, i went to the producer and told him that the story was a copy of an old Hollywood movie and few other movies. To my shock he said he knew it like a week ago but still he would continue as he had given a "WORD" that he will produce for him. The problem was that they haven't seen anything as a bounded script. So we started the discussion from day 2 and decided that we would record the entire script scene by scene and myself and the other associate will type and bring it into a proper script.

After thirty plus days a rough script was ready without the interval block and the climax which he claimed to have in his mind and tell us later. Inspite of having an incomplete script, he said he was ready to narrate to one of the top heroines and he went to Mumbai along with the EP of that movie which incurred a heavy expense to the producer. And when they came back to Chennai and told that her manager had listened to the script and said YES! So all of them were excited and the pre-production was on fire. There were about 20 to 25 people doing the pre-production for the undone script in terms of all the key departments of a movie. I was totally clueless about what was happening there. So kept pestering the producer to ask him for the bounded everyday and he did it and Mr.Peter kept giving his reasons and explanations.

By the end of November, Artists selection was going on one side( December is when they met) and i was still clueless about what he's gonna shoot with... So the day came when the Actress was flown from Mumbai and made to stay in a fancy hotel (I do have the copy of the bills and air tickets) and Mr.Peter, the EP and the producer went to meet her and narrate the script. While the producer was told to wait in the lobby and he'll get a call once they meet her, the duo went to her room to meet her and the producer was waiting in the lobby with a cheque and hopes about his first venture. After roughly 40 odd minutes they came back to the lobby with a drowning face and had told him that She did not like the script which was actually expected by me and few other ADs.

They reached office post Lunch and there was a big bashing going in the producer's room and all the ADs were told that there's gonna be a meeting in the office and we can leave for the day and come back the next day. Which I knew that it's not gonna happen. The producer had asked me to wait somewhere nearby so waited at the aavin park in valasaravakam. After a couple of hours i received a call from the producer and went back to the office and got the news that the movie is being dropped. After that day he was not allowed inside the office. I myself have seen him from the balcony where he calls the producer and he would go downstairs and see him outside the gate. 

The reason to tell all these elaborately is that, the office which was shown in the recent interview of Mr.Peter with his new wife is the producer's office which he begged to shoot his interview to explain about himself regarding the ongoing issue and it will be only himself and the camera guy. Now he has stated that he comes to office everyday which not true cos it's not his office. It belongs to Mr. Absha who is the producer i was referring to. Rare phenomenon productions' office has been shown as his office for which he will face the legal consequences. The only mistake on Mr Absha was to have permitted him to shoot the interview which was again manipulated by Mr.Peter.

Another reason why he couldn't do the script was that the only thing he does during the script discussion is self bragging with tons of lies and few of them are he was the one who did the title of Sethu, he was the one who planned the Napier's bridge shoot out sequence in Ayutha ezhuthu, he used to work for Disney and blah blah blah..... While most of the people sees VV as a villain, i see her as a victim.

On top of all.... He got calls every half an hour and he used to send a selfie with the team around the big conference table and told that it was for his wife and he said she was the one who was gonna do a important role in the movie. Out of curiosity we asked who it was and one fine day he reveals the picture and that's not the one who is fighting now. This is another shocker to all of us. The worst thing is that the producer has spent a hefty amount on pre production which included his personal expenses for his son and the woman he showed in his phone. This post is in regards only with Mr.Peter Paul's act of misusing the name of someone's production house. And I've got nothing to speak about the ongoing allegations.

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