American actress Alexandra Daddario, best known for starring in the Percy Jackson films, has announced her engagement to her film producer boyfriend Andrew Form. Taking to social media on Thursday, the popular Hollywood star shared the joyous news calling the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and A Quiet Place films producer "the most formidable love of my life." Daddario, who is portraying the lead character Rachel Patton in the hit HBO satirical comedy-drama series The White Lotus, had confirmed her relationship with her 52-year-old beau in May this year. 


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Dressed in a red swimsuit, Daddario posted a selfie with Form who is seen shirtless, and wrote, "The absolutely most wonderful man, you handle nonsense, loss, life, difficulty, people, with grace and compassion. You’re a loving father, funny, hard-working, honest, introspective, sexy, kind and sensitive- you’ve made room on some of the prime real-estate wall space for pictures of Levon, a dog you never even met. You’ve allowed the two knuckleheads (who aren’t as good as Levon, shhh) endless space in our home, and I love hearing you from upstairs talking to them when you don’t know anyone is listening." 

Alexandra Daddario, who has also played the female lead in blockbusters like San Andreas and Baywatch, further said about Andrew Form, "You’ve taken the worst moments of my life and soothed them, just knowing that you existed when they happened makes my heart fuller and more pieced together. Right now I am looking at all the giant packages of gluten-free Oreos you surprised me with. It’s so many Oreos, it makes me laugh. I love how we have been chastised and separated by flight attendants on multiple international flights because we are like teenagers. Why does it all feel so different? This is the love they talk about in poems and Ed Sheeran songs. Andrew- you are the greatest, most formidable love of my life. I couldn’t be luckier."