Director Ameer reacts to producer K. E. Gnanavel Raja's allegations about 'Paruthiveeran', issues a detailed explanation in his latest statement

Director Ameer Reacts To Producer K. E. Gnanavel Raja's Allegations About 'Paruthiveeran', Issues A Detailed Explanation In His Latest Statement - Tamil Movie Cinema News
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Leading Tamil actor Karthi made his acting debut in acclaimed filmmaker Ameer's Paruthiveeran (2007) produced under K. E. Gnanavel Raja's Studio Green banner, which turned out to be a raging box office blockbuster, while also going to become one of the most celebrated films in Tamil cinema history. The Ponniyin Selvan star has since worked with several notable directors and a number of them attending the Japan audio launch held last month, with the exception of Ameer. Recently, Ameer revealed that he wasn't invited to the event saying that he hasn't been on good terms with Karthi and his elder brother Suriya. He later stated that there was a cordial relationship between him and Suriya's family until Gnanavel Raja had come between them. 

With Ameer's statements going viral, Gnanavel Raja informed in an interview that they did invite the director to the Japan audio launch adding that he had refused to come. He further said that Ameer spent more money on Paruthiveeran than the initial fixed budget while adding that the filmmaker showed fake expenses to get extra finance from him. That being said, actor-filmmaker Sasikumar extended his support on Friday evening, November 24, to Ameer clarifying that he supported him with some to complete Paruthiveeran's shooting, and said that Gnanavel Raja's allegations are false. 

In that light, Ameer yesterday issued a statement addressing producer K. E. Gnanavel Raja's allegations and the English translation of his detailed press release is as follows: "This statement is addressed to all the friends in the media, who have sought my response to the false allegations made by producer Gnanavel Raja. Considering the case related to Paruthiveeran is pending in court, I have not responded as per my lawyer's instructions and that is why I haven't met the press yet. There is no other reason for this. However, since this issue is being discussed on 'YOUTUBE' and other social websites, I would like to give some explanation." 

Ameer added, "There is absolutely no truth to the comments made by Gnanavel Raja regarding Paruthiveeran and my journey in cinema. All are fabricated lies. This is a planned propaganda carried out against me with the intention of tarnishing my dignity and restricting my journey in the film industry." He continued, "No contract was signed between me and Gnanavel Raja in regard to Paruthiveeran. Therefore, I did not breach a contract that does not exist. With the exception of giving money during the first leg of filming, he brought the production to a halt midway and disappeared without providing any financial support for the subsequent shooting schedules." 

Ameer further stated, "I then continued shooting the film under my "TEAMWORK PRODUCTION HOUSE" banner. In addition, I'm stunned that my fellow film industry brothers currently at the top of the league, including the technicians I collaborated with, who are completely aware of the shooting environment of the film, have taken a silent stance on this issue. In what environment was the movie Paruthiveeran launched? What was the reason for starting it? The great people who were aware of this truth gave me a vote and told me to release the film myself. They were watching what happened then and are doing the same now." He added, "It should be noted that the people who were involved in the final panchayat of the Paruthiveeran issue, those who settled it, and those who signed as witnesses, are still silent. 17 years ago, I was bound by the love of the ones who held my hand and I worked hard, and have now been placed as a criminal in the eyes of society today. I require only a few hours to share the facts. However, I'm keeping quiet because it will unleash a storm in many people's lives and turn the entire film industry upside down. There's no other reason." 

Ameer then said, "While the truth is as such, my family has suffered more mental anguish from Gnanavel's statements about me. I want to state that I and my family will overcome these issues and not become a victim of his schemes. Furthermore, I humbly request the elders who are guiding him to advise him, 'Do not slander anyone in this manner in public.' I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks to my friend and producer Ganesh Raghu, who brought to light the truth about the events happening in Tamil Nadu from America."