Popular Hindi television actress Simran Budharup has revealed that she has been receiving rape and death threats on social media. Known best among fans for playing the role of Rishita on the smash hit show Pandya Store (Hindi version of Tamil serial Pandian Stores), the young TV star took to Instagram to post a series of videos and called out the social media user for sending her derogatory messages, while lashing out at her for calling herself a 'ShiVi' fan. We see that she calls the female social media user on video and denounces her actions and her abusive messages. The video also shows the internet user being shouted at by Pandya Store lead actress Shiny Doshi. 

In the video, Simran is seen confronting the social media user, while also stating that she will be filing a police complaint next. Posting the videos, the actress wrote in the caption addressed to the viewers about her ordeal: "These are the kind of msgs that I've been receiving (death threats, rape threats and abusive slang ) only from shivi fans. This girl didn't even have the audacity to show her face. I'm going to call out all these small kids and make sure it reaches their parents. Inke maa baap ko pata hona chahiye ke inke bacche social media ke naam pe kya karte hai. I feel super Pity for these kids but it's high time to file a complaint against them. Tujhe Toh main dhoondh ke rahungi." Below is Simran's Insta post: 


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Soon after Simran posted the videos, fellow actor Kanwar Dhillon too addressed the issue on his social media page and condemned such youngsters for their hateful messages. Requesting the netizens to not adhere to such practices, he told them not to follow someone whom they aren't fond of instead of spreading hate unnecessarily. Outside of her work on Pandya Store, Simran Budharup has also made appearances on several other popular TV shows namely Durga Mata Ki Chhaya, Nazar, and Parrvarish to name a notable few.