The wedding of leading actress Nayanthara and Tamil filmmaker Vignesh Shivan on June 9 (Thursday) is the talk of the town as the two stars who have been a couple for nearly 7 years will be tying the knot at Mahabalipuram, on the outskirts of Chennai. Several big names from the film industry across the nation have been invited for the intimate wedding ceremony, with reports stating that guests will be given a special code to enter the venue, including a dress code being described to all those who will be attending the occasion. That being said, it has now also been revealed that Vignesh Shivan and Nayanthara, who are welcoming a new beginning together, will also be conducting an annadhanam (food donation) for about twenty thousand people across Tamil Nadu on their wedding day and hope to start their married life with everyone’s blessings. 

Earlier this week, Vignesh Shivan addressed the press and informed that he and Nayanthara initially planned to get married at Tirupati, but decided to change the venue due to various other reasons. He said, "This is to formally inform everyone that Nayanthara and I are getting married on June 9, 2022, at Mahabalipuram. We are getting married in the presence of our families and close friends and it is a private ceremony. We had initially planned to get married at Tirupati temple, but due to various logistic issues, we had to change the plan. The wedding will happen in the morning and we will officially share the wedding photos by the afternoon. On June 11, we, as a couple, would come and meet you all (press and media)." He further stated, "We will meet and have lunch together. The press and media have extensively supported both, me and Nayanthara, in our professional commitments right from the beginning and we expect and seek your blessings on our marriage as well. We always need your love and support." 

The intention of Nayanthara and Vignesh Shivan to start their married life together with the blessings of the people and by providing an annadhanam for them will no doubt earn them wishes from everyone and everywhere. We can expect social media to be flooded with pictures and videos from their wedding and also get to see Tamil cinema's favorite couple officially as husband and wife.