Just days after Tollywood producer-distributor Natti Kumar filed a complaint with the Hyderabad police against the makers (including Dhanush, his wife Aishwarya, father Kasthuri Raja and sister Vimala Geetha) of Dhanush starrer 3, stating that he incurred a huge loss in distributing the film, Dhanush’s father and R.K. Productions owner Kasthuri Raja accused Natti Kumar of being a cheat.

Speaking to a leading daily, Kasthuri Raja said that the producer bought the Telugu dubbing rights for Rs. 4.35 crores and paid Rs. 2.50 crores at the time of signing the agreement. "He then issued two other cheques for the balance Rs. 1.85 crores. When we presented these cheques to the bank, both of them bounced due to insufficient funds. Despite several reminders, he hasn’t bothered to pay up and he clearly has the intention to cheat."

"Moreover, according to the agreement he was supposed to sell the Telugu satellite rights only after settling our dues. But he went ahead and sold them without our knowledge before giving us the money. Then he acts smart by alleging that the movie was a flop and asks for compensation; unnecessarily dragging Dhanush, Aishwarya and Rajinikanth into the picture. I want to clarify that Dhanush and Aishwarya have nothing to do with the production of the film 3. He has no business dragging my entire family into court,” Raja fumed.