Nakul, Devayani hoping to working together

Eleven years separate Devayani and her brother Nakul. By his own confession, she is more a mother than a sister to him, thanks to their age difference. But that never prevented the two from developing a close bond. He has immense respect for his sister and her work, while she is very appreciative of him and his fledging career in cinema. “Nakul has the capability to carry a film entirely on his shoulders. He is good with comedy, dance and action. He puts a lot of hard work in all the films to achieve what he wants. As a first step, I’m really proud of how hard he worked to shed weight to look like the lean-mean machine he does now,” she smiles.

For his part, Nakul is very happy to have her to guide him as he takes baby -steps forward. “I’m merely following her footsteps and hope to make her proud,” he coos. While Devayani is busy with her soap Kolangal that’s been reigning over the TV scene, Nakul has a handful of interesting projects lined up in cinema. But somewhere down the line, they would love for their careers to meet. “Should the right project come up, we would love to work together,” she says, and he nods in assent.