The digitally re-mastered version of MGR’s Rickshawkaran will hit the screens soon. Well packed with action, love, comedy and sentiment, the film was not only a hit at the box office but also bagged the Bharath award for MGR. The film is now digitally re-mastered and released by P.Mani - T.K.Krishnakumar of Kwality Cinema and K.Ramu of Film Vision.

“Right from my childhood, I am a serious and sincere devotee of MGR. Whenever I come to know that a movie of MGR is getting released, I will go crazy to buy the first day first show tickets. Among all his movies, Rickshawkaran is very much close to my heart and we all know that we are nearing the centenary function of our M.G.R. So as a tribute to him, we have digitally re-mastered the film Rickshawkaran,” says T.K.Krishnakumar.