MGC Chandran, son of late M. G. Chakrapani, elder brother of erstwhile Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu M. G. Ramachandran passed away on Friday morning due to coronavirus infection despite treatment. He was 75. MGR, who has been hailed as an epoch in Tamil cinema and Tamil Nadu politics, and his elder brother, M. G. Chakrapani, were members of drama troupes, who entered the world of celluloid together. After MGR rose to prominence in Tamil cinema, M. G. Chakrapani was managing all his commitments in the cinema industry. M. G. Chakrapani died in 1986, while MGR passed away in 1987. 

MGC Chandran had been a resident of Anna Nagar in Chennai. He had formed a political party named the 'Anna MGR Amma DMK' in March 2017. He was admitted to Rajiv Gandhi General Hospital on Monday after testing positive for COVID-19 and was being taken care of by a team of medical experts. He was showing signs of normalcy over the past few days, but his health condition began to deteriorate unexpectedly. 

On Friday morning, medical experts decided to put MGC Chandran under ventilator treatment after his condition began to get worse. However, even before the ventilator treatment could begin, he passed away. It is understood that MGC Chandran's body will be buried in the presence of his family members as per the guidelines of the State Health Department.