Just when the whole world got off the bandwagon from the T20 World Cup which took place in Australia, they have now jumped onto the adjacent bandwagon. This one has got everyone all aboard for the 2022 FIFA World Cup taking place in Qatar. It is the thing that is trending, a topic of conversation, and with all eyes on it, as it is being watched all over the world which includes India as well. Though being a country that follows cricket with ultimate passion, football too is making a name for itself here. Coming to the Tamil film industry, the sport of football has already managed to find a way inside with films being made on the subject matter. Given that the FIFA World Cup is the talk of the town at the moment, let us look at some Tamil films that focus on football as well. 


This 2019 sports action film written and directed by Atlee starring Thalapathy Vijay revolves around Michael Rayyapan (Thalapathy Vijay) alias Bigil, a footballer-turned-gangster who decides to coach a women's football team when their coach gets attacked. He faces challenges when his team does not cooperate with him due to his violent background and also finds himself hunted by some rivals who want revenge. The football scenes in the movie are almost close to accurate, better than seen in any other Tamil film to date. It is also great for all, especially the fans, to see Thalapathy Vijay playing football with such finesse. It also gives us a look into coaching and the kind of training that players have to undergo. 


This 2019 sports drama film written and directed by Suseenthiran of Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu fame focuses on Jones, a polite and talented footballer, who is judged by his counterparts because of his financial status. But when he learns about his past, he is torn between his dreams and his hunger to seek revenge that is ever so delicious when served cold. The footballing in the film is good and touches upon the main core of the game. 

3) JADA:

This 2019 sports horror film written and directed by Kumaran tells the story of Jada (Kathir), a fearless young rising football in North Chennai. His coach tells him to play well so that he can get selected in Santhosh Trophy and eventually secure a job in sports quota. But Jada wants to avenge the death of his childhood football hero Sethu (Kishore) who died in the violent 7s football. The local government has banned the 7s football but the neighborhood football committee lifts the ban after ten years. Now Jada and his teammates enroll in the 7s football tournament. The film gets into the nitty-gritty of football as sport and we also get to see the dark side of it which gives the film a more realistic touch. 

4) LEE:

This 2007 sports drama film written and directed by Prabhu Solomon of Mynaa fame tells the story of Leeladharan alias Lee (Sibiraj) who does menial work and passes time playing football with his friends. Chellamma (Meera Chopra / Nila), a social worker for the disabled, finds them involved in a plot to assassinate the minister. Its main core of the film that the film focuses on is how nepotism has seeped into the game of football in India where cricket rules and dominates.

5) IKK:

This 2021 action adventure film written and directed by Babu Tamizh of Jiivi fame is not completely about football itself as a sport but contains a fair amount of its elements in the film. But its unique concept and writing makes Ikk an engaging watch.