Popular Korean actress Honey Lee is pregnant, her agency Saram Entertainment announced the news officially on Sunday. The agency released a statement informing fans that the star was expecting her first child and said, "A precious new life has found its way to actress Honey Lee and she is at the stage where she needs complete rest and stability." The statement published on Soompi further read, "We are wary of providing precise details. We respectfully ask for your understanding." Lee had tied the knot with her non-celebrity boyfriend in an intimate wedding ceremony last month. 

On December 21, Lee's agency had confirmed to leading Korean news portals the news of her wedding. The statement read, "Actress Honey Lee, who found a precious person [in her life], has made a promise to become a lifelong companion to each other based on trust and affection." It further stated that the couple exchanged wedding vows in a small private ceremony in Seoul in the presence of close family members in view of the COVID-19 restrictions. Lee's romance first came into the limelight in November last year. Sports Seoul reported the news and said that the actress was in a serious relationship with a person outside of the world of entertainment. The report also stated that the couple had been dating for nearly a year after they were introduced to each other by a mutual friend. The actress' agency later confirmed their relationship and said, "Honey Lee is in a serious relationship with someone who she was introduced to by an acquaintance early this year. However, as he is a non-celebrity, we ask for your generous understanding in order for there to be no harm caused by the release of his personal information or excessive attention. Please show warmth so they can continue their beautiful relationship in the future."

Honey Lee is best known among fans for her appearances on popular TV shows like Don't Look Back: The Legend of Orpheus, Modern Farmer, Pasta, The Rebel, and One the Woman to name a notable few. She has also starred in films like Deranged, Tazza: The Hidden Card, The Bros, Extreme Job, and I Am the King.