Kannada star Sudeep is a people’s favourite when it comes to acting but he is also well-known for his philanthropic activities. Kiccha Sudeep as he is fondly called has a charitable trust which has been helping out families combat the COVID 19 situation amid lockdown. Now, media reports have stated that the actor has silently adopted four government schools in Karnataka’s Chitradurga district. This surely has gotten Sudeep fans excited. When actors and politician like to publicize every good deed they do, here is a star who has been silently helping people in need and opts out to take credits for his good deeds. It is informed that Sudeep will be taking care of the functioning of these government schools. He is planning to improve the facilities in these premises and will also ensure that there will be computers installed in the schools for all the students to learn in times of need like these and volunteers from his school have gone to check on the locations as well to assess what more is required from his end to ensure the schools are properly equipped.  
This charity trust is also going to take care of the teachers' salaries as well as scholarships for the students. It is also informed that the four school adaptation is just the first phase in this initiative of helping out the needy with quality education, are all located in Chitradurga district. There are plans of digitizing the education process in all these four schools eventually, to ensure everyone is best equipped to get quality education not just during the pandemic but at other times as well. Apparently, he has also implemented scholarship programs to help students and has set up volunteers to check on the locations of these schools to thoroughly ensure that the schools are well equipped. Sudeep, meanwhile, is all set to begin shooting for his upcoming film Phantom soon. The schedule for the film is going to be held at the Annapoorna Studios in Hyderabad, where there will be a minimal cast and crew working with all safety protocol. There has been an extensive forest set that has been put up for this shoot in the studios, where a majority of the action sequences will be shot. Apart from Phantom, Sudeep also has Kotigobba 3 in the pipeline. Sudeep became famous in Tamil after featuring Rajamouli’s Naan E and Thalapathy Vijay’s Puli as the villain.