Though the entire nation is battling the COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus Pandemic and the dreadful way it has affected our everyday lives, there is a huge controversy raging in Kollywood. Bigg Boss fame Meera Mitun is well known for her caustic comments on social media and in recent times, she has been going relentlessly at a number of Kollywood celebrities, including Jyotika, Sangeetha Vijay, Thalapathy Vijay and Suriya! Suriya & Vijay fans have been riled up with her comments and have been showing their displeasure with equally strong statements on social media. Recently, veteran director and actor Bharathiraja and Manobala had released statements expressing their displeasure at Meera Mitun disrespecting and giving out unwanted comments about Nadigar Sangam members. They had even called for all the Nadigar Sangam members to stand united and not let people talk irresponsibly against any of them!

Joe Michael has also been a target of Meera Mitun's numerous accusations and he had recently taken to Twitter to reveal some secrets from her past! He has been giving his own version of things with photo proof, on his social media handle. When Galatta got in touch with him regarding Meera Mitun's recent statement on Bharathiraja & Manobala's statements, he had quite a few opinions to offer. Joe Michael slammed Meera Mitun for disrespecting veterans like Bharathiraja and Manobala, not even respecting their age! He went on to state that Meera is not even a member of the Nadigar Sangam and she has no right to talk like that about anybody! Joe Michael also states that though Meera has made many accusations on him over the past year, he had remained silent as he was a nobody but is responding now as he doesn't want her accusations to hurt his reputation. Joe also states that he has already filed a Police complaint against Meera and that he is about to file another case now. He says that he is talking out now as he doesn't want Suriya and Vijay fans to blow up the issue and wants to put an end card to all this nonsense!

Joe Michael also asked that the media and people not respond to what Meera Mitun talks. He asked that it is the responsibility of the common folk and media to put a full-stop to the nonsense that she is talking. Joe went on to state that she has no proof for any of her accusations and she is just doing all this for cheap publicity. He demanded that she produce proof or evidence of atleast one accusation that she has made, so far! Joe Michael has asked all media to only telecast or publish her statements, only if she produces proof of anything that she talks about! Joe Michael branded Meera Mitun and the recently notorious Balaji Iyer (Kaul the King) as being from a gang of people who want to become popular with cheap publicity. He mentioned that while Meera is doing it in Chennai, Balaji is doing it in Mumbai. It is Balaji who has induced Meera to talk against top people like Vijay sir! He is somebody who talks stuff like "I have watched the Master trailer" or that "Boney Kapoor sir himself told me that the shooting for 2nd half of Valimai wouldn't happen!" Her accusations of me having gone to jail and that she has a photo of me standing in my underwear in jail, are all baseless and totally untrue! I came to Twitter to expose her lies and gather proof to file a case against her for defaming me! If she has to file a case againse me exposing her lies, she has to go to the Police. As long as people and the media encourage her, she will definitely go on talking nonsense like this, about many more stars. 

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