Jithan Ramesh who took part in the fourth season of Bigg Boss Tamil was evicted from the show recently. His eviction did not come as a surprise for a lot of people since he did not manage to leave an impact in his 70 days of stay inside the house. Fans claimed that he was overshadowed by Archana, Nisha and others who always pampered him and made him feel comfortable throughout. Aari had nominated Jithan Ramesh for the same reason. Ramesh had a very different eviction as he did not get to hug or bid goodbye to the housemates in person and he got to meet them only through the agam TV.

Talking to Kamal Haasan after getting evicted, Ramesh had said, “I feel I did not take enough efforts to make myself a strong contestant. It is my fault. I realise the mistake now. I did not fight with anyone inside the house and I was always surrounded by love and comfort. Yes, the way of eviction was quite shocking for me since I couldn’t see anyone in person. I did my best inside the house in all the tasks”. Kamal wished Ramesh for his future endeavours. After the eviction, fans were keenly waiting for Ramesh’s first statement.

Following a 3-day wait, Ramesh has finally posted a video thanking everyone for supporting him for the past 70 days. He thanked everyone and requested to extend the support in his film journey as well. Talking in the video, Ramesh said, “Hello everyone. This is Jithan Ramesh. I had a very refreshing and new experience participating in the Bigg Boss house. I spent 70 days inside the house and gathered a lot of experience and memories. I wouldn’t have been in the house for 70 days, if not for your support. Thank you so much for supporting me in this journey. A big thanks to each and everyone from the bottom of my heart. I kindly request everyone to continue to support me in my cinema journey, as well. I’d need your support for my upcoming films and I believe in you people. Love you all,”.

Bigg Boss has been a platform that gives a solid breakthrough for several talents and we have seen many of them gaining popularity and fame. In that way, let us hope and wish that Ramesh’s career witnesses exciting developments. Check out Jithan Ramesh’s first video after Bigg Boss eviction here: