'Galatta Wonder Women Awards 2023': Nithya Menen recreates the 'Megham Karukkatha' song dance scene from Thiruchitrambalam - WATCH HERE

'Galatta Wonder Women Awards 2023': Nithya Menen Recreates The 'Megham Karukkatha' Song Dance Scene From Thiruchitrambalam - WATCH HERE - Tamil Movie Cinema News
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Tamil cinema fans witnessed the biggest stars in the film industry take to the stage at the Galatta Wonder Women Awards 2023 held at the Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium in Chennai on November 30. Among the big names who graced the star-studded event was leading Tamil actress Nithya Menen, who was honored with the 'Performer of the Decade' award by Padma Bhushan recipient and legendary actress B. Saroja Devi, fashion choreographer and celebrity stylist Karun Raman, and Mr. Ponnusamy Karthik. A, Founder & Chairman of Namma Family Builder & Developer Pvt. Ltd. 

Expressing her gratitude for the love, admiration, and respect towards her from fans at the Galatta Wonder Women Awards 2023, Nithya Menen started her speech by saying, "This is a blessing. It's not my achievement. It's a blessing. And, another big thing is that Saroja Devi is here and it's an emotional moment for me. To see her in person is a big thing and it's very emotional for me that she's on the stage here with me. Thank you so much." The Thiruchitrambalam actress also reacted to a few memes about her that have gone viral on social media, including one that highlighted how her characters usually get killed off in films Kanchana 2 (2015), 24 (2016), Iru Mugan (2016), and Mersal (2017). She said, "By coincidence, 2-3 films came my way back-to-back where I'm being killed. I too saw this meme and began asking during my upcoming projects' narration whether I'm dying in the story. I'd tell them that I won't work in the film if my character gets killed off." 

Similarly, an old video clip of popular Telugu director Nandini Reddy was shown at the Galatta Wonder Women Awards 2023 in which she was seen talking about Nithya Menen refusing to do a scene where she would have to get drunk in the film, Ala Modalaindi (2011), and how she stood her ground at the age of 21. The Psycho actress responded by saying, "Actually, I didn't say it the way she explained. I didn't have the attitude of 'Go and tell Nithya Menen won't do it', but, Nandini would see me as a rowdy. I said, 'This isn't correct for the script. Since you can't lie, you blame me. Tell the people in the team that I won't do it. I did that as a sacrificial gesture. So, the attitude she's referring to isn't negative.' " Upon being queried whether she'd do such a scene today, Nithya Menen explained, "No, I'm always like that. If it's not right for the script, I won't do it. I'll say, 'This is not correct. This is not the right way to do it.' "

Nithya Menen also went on to recreate the iconic dance step from the 'Megham Karukkatha' song in Dhanush's Thiruchitrambalam, while also giving a live-singing performance of the 'Malargal Kaettaen' song from Mani Ratnam's O Kadhal Kanmani. Watch Nithya Menen at the Galatta Wonder Women Awards 2023 in the video below: