One of the biggest hits of Thalapathy Vijay's career came through the 2003 movie Thirumalai, in which he played a mechanic. This movie, also starring Jyothika, Raghuvaran and Kausalya, became a blockbuster at the Box Office. Director Ramana Chandrasekar then went on to direct Dhanush in the 2004 movie Sullan. However, his attempt to show Dhanush in a 'Mass Avatar' met with mixed reviews. The movie still got a decent response at the Box Office. Ramana then followed this up with the 2006 Vijay movie Aathi. Unfortunately, this movie bombed at the Box Office. Things took a turn for the worse in Ramana's life when he was diagnosed with cancer. However, after successful treatment, director Ramana has now been completely cured of his cancer, now!Now, the director is back in the news after getting into a scuffle with the Traffic Police.

Director Ramana ill treated police

Through a Facebook post, Ramana has revealed that he had been harassed by a couple of Traffic policemen, recently. In the post Ramana has mentioned that while he was recently travelling by car with his wife and daughter, he crossed the Pattinapakkam signal, while the signal was Green. However, just as he turned the car, the signal turned Red and the Traffic Policeman at the signal, one Mr. Ramar stopped the car and asked to see Ramana's license. Ramar is said to have then given the license to his senior Mr. Kumar, who asked Ramana to step out of the car. Having identified Ramana, the two policemen are said to have spoken about him in a very derogatory manner with Kumar asking Ramana to stand some distance away from him, citing his illness to be infectious and asking him to stay away. Ramana's post also details that Kumar admonished Ramar for bringing a guy who was half-dead, to his notice. When Ramana politely asked the policemen to stop talking so badly, Kumar is said to have used profanity and spoken even more ill and stressed that he would talk like that only and asked Ramana to do whatever he could.

Director Ramana family Traffic Police

Another Policeman is said to have intervened and pacified Ramana and asked him to leave the place. However, only after travelling some distance did Ramana realise that he had left his original license back with the Policemen and decided to turn around the car and get it back. Ramana's daughter is said to have told Ramana that she would go and get the license to avoid any further issues. Ramana's post mentions that the Policemen made his daughter wait for a considerable amount of time before demanding that she pay a fine for getting back the license. To avoid anymore trouble, Ramana's daughter is said to have paid the fine and left the place and did not mention this incident to her father, till they reached home. On getting to know of the fine, unable to hold back any longer, Ramana took to Facebook to post about this incident and expressed his disappointment that the laws were in the hands of and in support of such disrespectful government officers.

Thirumalai director ill treated by Traffic PoliceDhanush Sullan director mistreated by PoliceVijay Aathi director Ramana

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