Cook with Comali has become one of the most loved and most watched television shows in recent times. This cooking based show offers enough humour and light hearted moments, thanks to the fantastic timing comedies from the Comalis. The first season of the show witnessed Vanitha Vijayakumar as the title winner. The second season started out with eight contestants - Madurai Muthu, Pavithra Lakshmi, Dharsha Gupta, Ashwin Kumar, Baba Bhaskar, Dheepa, Kani Thiru, and Shakeela. Among the eight, Dheepa, Madurai Muthu and Dharsha have been eliminated so far. The second season has turned out to be a phenomenal success among the masses.

Shivangi, Pugazh, Bala, Sharath, Manimegalai have played crucial roles in making the show a big hit. Actor Sivakarthikeyan will be taking part in today's (January 10) episode of Cook with Comali as a Chief guest and the fans are eagerly looking forward to his episode. He will now be seen in the episode today to personally congratulate everyone on the success of the show. We know that SK is someone who never fails to recognise young talents and this gesture from him proves it once again. Tonight’s episode is already out on Disney + Hotstar platform and the fans are sharing some of the important moments on social media.

In one of those videos, we see an interesting conversation between SK and Ashwin. SK is all praise for Ashwin’s popularity on social media. He is seen telling Ashwin, “You look really smart. Whenever I open Instagram, I get to see a lot of girls posting and sharing your pictures,”. While replying to that, Ashwin recalls a throwback incident which made Ashwin start his career afresh. Ashwin tells SK that he is one of the first celebrities and inspirations for him in the industry.

Talking about it, Ashwin said, “I don’t know if you remember the incident. You have been the major reason for my career to start and you are the first celebrity that I came across. When I came to Chennai from Coimbatore, ten years ago, without knowing anyone, it was you who gave me the right kind of knowledge. I came to Skywalk and was fooled by someone who promised to meet me there, with regards to my career. I was blank. At that time, you had come there and when I asked you for your suggestions, you told me to be active on Twitter since that is the place where directors share casting call auditions and authentic information. Now, I am here. I still have the picture that we took on that day,”.

This is indeed great to know that Sivakarthikeyan has been one of the reasons for what Ashwin is today. Check out the video below: