Director Ajay Gnanamuthu on his working experinece with AR Rahman for Cobra: 
“When I approached AR Rahman sir to score music for the film, he took a week’s time and then called me to narrate the script. In that 1-week time, his team had made a research on me and the kind of films that I do. When I went, I wasn’t sure if sir would say yes to my script, so I decided to dress up well and take a photo with sir come back. Then after I narrated the script, sir said he liked it and we finalized everything on the spot. But initially, I had a fear if I know enough about music to extract the best out of him? Will he accept my suggestion or not? When newcomers work with experienced artists, you are bound to face ego clashed. So, while working with seniors, you need to be prepared and handle them with care. When I was in that fear, he broke everything, he broke the ice completely, he gave me that space to express myself. He will voluntarily ask me what works for me and what didn’t? How did people in your unit react to the song after listening to it? When I said, people didn’t like something, he will ask me if we can change it. When he is so accommodating, it becomes very very easy to work. That’s the equation that I share with him. He treats me like a listener and gets my feedback, if its right, he will accept and work on it, if it is wrong, he will tell me no this will work, trust me. So, it’s both ways!  
 Galatta Breaking: Total number of songs in Cobra and BGM detailsGalatta Breaking: Total number of songs in Cobra and BGM details
We haven’t worked on the background scores yet, but I am sure there will be many themes in the film just like the one that featured in the motion poster. Vikram plays multiple characters, probably every character could have one theme each. As far as the songs are concerned, we have completed 4 songs, 3 songs we have recorded, one yet to be recorded and there will be another song which we have not worked on. Vikram has not sung in any of the songs till now, we have not discussed with AR Rahman song for the other songs, so no plans as of now. “ 

Galatta Breaking: Total number of songs in Cobra and BGM details
When we asked Ajay to release at least one of the completed songs, he said - “We have a version that AR Rahman sir gave us for the shoot. But how Rahman sir works are, first the tune gets finalized, then he works on the lyrics and sir will give us a version of the song just for shooting purpose. But the version you get for the shoot and the final version that the audience listen on the screen will be vastly different. There will be a 70% difference between the two. As in the rough version would be good enough for shooting, dancing and even syncing but the amount of work he puts after that is huge, be it the mixing part or the instruments that he adds. He is currently working on that and I am not going to pressurize him because we are all floored just by listening to the shoot version. And the final version will be even better so when it comes out, it will be a treat for sure.”