During an exclusive interaction with Ajay Gnanamuthu, former associate of AR Murugadoss, we had asked on throw some light on the constantly talked about plagiarism accusations made against AR Murugadoss right from his Kaththi days. Though Ajay didn’t comment much about the plagiarism accept, he told us that ARM is so very sincere and puts so much of efforts on each script he writes. 
“Most of the ADs have been with Murugadoss sir for about 4-5 years and as far as I have seen, he is a very hard worker. He would work with us from 7 am till 11 pm and not even talk about anything other than Cinema. He would feel very hurt when somebody talks negatively about his movies. 
Murugadoss sir would have definitely been hurt by the plagiarism reports. Any director would be hurt if their efforts are questioned. The amount of effort he puts in for each script is phenomenal. He would write and re-write so many drafts. I've seen him personally write and then tear & throw away if it is not satisfactory! He keeps writing! 
It would be very hurting when somebody all of a sudden comes and claims a script as theirs! It has sort of becoming like a trend now. Any number of people may get similar thoughts but the writing style differs. Only when people read it would they realise that the treatment and characters are all different.