Ace actor Vivekh died due to a massive cardiac arrest on April 17 and his unfortunate death came as a heartbreaking news for fans across the world. Vivekh was one of the most loved actors who earned a huge fan base through his comedies that were organic and socially reforming, as well. Vivekh created awareness about various social issues and so called taboo topics through his comedies and it reached a wider section of the audience. Vivekh was also one of those actors who never associated himself with any negativity. It was always positivity and happiness that he spread to the society. Vivekh will also be dearly remembered for planting lakhs and lakhs of trees across the state.

As a mark of respect to his good deeds in society, Vivekh's mortal remains was cremated with full State honour and it turned out to be an emoitonal moment for the fans. Ever since Vivekh's death news came out, the fans immediately thought about Cell Murugan, who was Vivekh's close aide. Cell Murugan has been travelling with Vivekh since his early stages of film career and the duo have shared a beautiful friendship. Cell Murugan was not only Vivekh's personal manager but was also his close friend, who always stood for him. Following his best friend's footsteps, Cell Murugan also took the Covid 19 vaccine on the same day at the same place where Vivekh was injected.

We have seen the duo together at several events and they have acted together in a lot of movies. The best and most popular comedy scene featuring the duo will easily be the one in Saamy. No one can easily forget the 'number plate - license' comedy in Saamy featuring Vivekh and Cell Murugan. Vivekh's unexpected demise must be an irreplaceable loss for his close ones and Cell Murugan is one of those who were badly affected by the incident.

Having said that, Cell Murugan took to his official Twitter to share his heartfelt note on Vivekh's demise and the tweet has gone viral among the fans. Sharing the heartfelt note, Cell Murugan wrote, "அவரை தவிர எனக்கு வெருயாருமில்ல". The tweet is loosely translated as, "I have no one, but only him,". This post has definitely made the fans very emotional and they are extending their moral support to Cell Murugan during this tough phase. Find below Cell Murugan's latest emotional post about Vivekh's demise here: