The hit reality show, Bigg Boss Tamil, has become widely popular not only among the common folk, but also enjoys a celebrity following, with composer James Vasanthan expressing his views on the various developments that have taken place so far. He has often shared his appreciation for Aari Arjunan, who has emerged as a fan favorite to take home the title of Bigg Boss 4 winner. Having said that, James took to his Facebook page praising Aari and pointed out how he has remained within his limits when it came to hugging female housemates in comparison to the other contestants inside the Bigg Boss 4 house. 

In a detailed post on his Facebook page, James Vasanthan spoke about the controversial topic as there have been a number of diverse opinions, including trolling on social media. The Subramaniapuram composer starts off by saying that there is nothing wrong when a person hugs their loved ones, but also cited the need for limits to be maintained, which has been highly visible in Aari's actions on Bigg Boss Tamil season 4 being hosted by Kamal Haasan. 

James Vasanthan's translated Facebook post is as follows: 

"What I'm talking about now is a delicate thing. But I write it because many people have this in their minds and so many are teasing about it. It's about competitors hugging each other to express their excessive joy. It's all about how a man and a woman hug. I grew up in the midst of such a culture. A body language that expresses to those who are close to us without knowing us for many reasons like excessive love, affection, happiness, pride, enthusiasm, long-term separation. There is nothing wrong with this," he wrote. "During my childhood, I remember my mother telling me that a male should not touch women while talking to them after they reach a certain age, even if it happens to be their sisters. Although it can be termed as an old-fashioned culture, I can understand now how it has a certain definition to it," James said.

The Easan composer, who first started off as a television anchor also stated, "A gentleman should at all times hug a woman within certain limitations. At no point should a male hug a female tightly, with the exception of his girlfriend, wife or a woman who has an interest in him." Without naming anybody in particular, James Vasanthan then mentioned how there were a few inside the Bigg Boss 4 house, who were tossing that culture aside. He wrote, "Few in the Bigg Boss house don't have that decency. Although we are all good, there will be a little perversion hidden in some people's minds. Women should be careful in situations like this. Just ask the girls. They will immediately find those who hug with wrong intention. It's everyone's choice to like it or avoid it." 

James Vasanthan then goes on to praise Aari in the manner he has been interacting with his fellow housemates, especially with the women on the show. He says, "Now put up all the old episodes of this show and watch everyone's behavior. You come to a conclusion yourself and also check the way how Aari hugged his housemates." 

Check out James Vasanthan's post below: 

Bigg Boss இப்போ நான் பேசப்போறது ஒரு delicate-ஆன விஷயம். இருந்தாலும் பலர் மனசில் இது இருக்குறனால, இதைப்பற்றி பலர்...

Posted by James Vasanthan on Thursday, January 7, 2021