Legendary singer SP Balasubrahmanyam passed away on September 25 and life has definitely not been the same for the fans and music lovers. SPB was a one of a kind artist who was loved by everyone for his impeccable singing talent and beautiful character as a human being. Ever since his demise, the fans have been sharing their favourite songs of SPB on social media and the entire digital space looks emotional. Having said that, AR Rahman has now shared a new video that is made as a tribute to the late singer. In this video, we see Rahman speaking about his beautiful memories with SPB and also requesting the fans to celebrate his music for the years to come.

We also see a glimpse of visuals of SPB singing in Rahman’s concerts and it is a beautiful watch indeed. Talking in the video, Rahman said, “One of my very first performances I ever did in a big way was at SPB’s birthday celebration event. It was around 1982-83 at the Music Academy. I still remember that as one of the major highs in my life. I have played in many recordings for many composers as a keyboard player and I’ve observed him. He would learn a song in 15 minutes and sing it in the next 10 mins and would go for the next song’s recording. I have not seen a singer who is as quick as him. My other memories with him is when I recorded him for Roja.

He came into the studio and asked me how could this small studio produce cinematic sound. I smiled at him. He came back to me after the film’s release and said that music can be produced anywhere. All I can do is remember the beautiful moments I have shared with him. The way he approached music, the way he said no to nothing, etc. He experimented everything. So, I don’t know whether any singer would be as personal as he was, to me. He was loved by everyone. He sang in all languages and gave his best, be it in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam or Kannada, he did it all.

All I can say is we should celebrate his music life and personality. SPB sir, we miss you. SPB is part of a culture. He is a part of victories, love, devotion and joy. This loss, I won’t call this is as a loss. He has given us so much of gifts. We can only celebrate his life and music. All I can ask for all of us, let us try to be kind to each other and be respectful. God bless you all”. Watch the video below: