The fifth season of Bigg Boss Tamil has crossed 75 days and the final leg of the show has already begun! Amir who entered as the second wildcard contestant of this season is sharing a close bond with Pavni. In one of the recent episodes, earlier this week, Amir proposed to Pavni, expressing his love for her. However, Pavni made it clear that she isn't interested in any kind of relationship and called him a brother. Despite calling him a brother, she used to laugh and enjoy the actions of Amir and we've seen it in previous episodes. Having said that, the Tamil audience was taken aback by one of the moments between the two that was witnessed in last night's (Dec 18) episode.

In one of the segments that was aired on Saturday night episode, Amir kissed Pavni in the bedroom and this action from Amir has created a sensational buzz on social media. This came as an unexpected action from Amir and it has come under strong criticism among the netizens. According to the situation, Pavni was stressed about the eviction process and was worried if her episode with Abhinay would have caused any problem for her. Amir apparently wanted to reduce her stress and so he kissed her. He called Pavni to tell her a secret but when she came closer believing that he was going to tell something, he went near her ears and kissed her.

Instantly, Pavni expressed her displeasure over what Amir did, but she did not burst out in anger. Pavni mentioned that she did not like what Amir did. The visuals of Amir kissing Pavni has been doing rounds on social media since last night and we see mixed reactions coming from the audience. The video has indeed turned controversial. While the majority of the audience are of an opinion that Amir's action was wrong as he did not ask for her consent before kissing and he went overboard, another section of the public feel Pavni should have stopped Amir and showed him his boundaries much before.

Since this kissing incident happened late in the night when people were asleep, the other housemates did not see this. What is going to be the further development in this topic? Let us wait and watch. For now, check out the viral controversial video of Amir kissing Pavni here: