Today (December 5) is a Sunday and when it is a Sunday, you know that there is going to be an eviction in Bigg Boss Tamil: Season 5. The eviction results for this weekend are known and here is what you need to know. Abishek Raaja has been evicted from the show, ending his wildcard re-entry in just 16 days. Ten contestants were nominated for this weekend's eviction process - Imman Annachi, Raju, Ciby, Pavni, Thamarai, Akshara, Priyanka, Varun, Abhinay, and Abishek Raaja and among the ten, Raju was saved in last night's (December 4) episode.

Among the remaining nine, Abishek Raaja has been confirmed to be evicted. Abhinay, Varun, and Abishek Raaja were the last three people in the danger zone and it looks like Abishek has secured the least number of votes among the trio. Compared to his initial stint, Abishek Raaja's game was quite impressive after his wildcard entry, but it is unfortunate that he would not be able to continue any longer in the show. Nadia Chang, Chinna Ponnu, Mathumitha, Suruthi, Isaivani, and Iykki Berry are the contestants who have been evicted so far.

Abishek's eviction will now leave 12 contestants inside the Bigg Boss house and it includes Abhinay Vaddi, VJ Priyanka, Niroop Nandakumar, Ciby Chandran, Raju Jeyamohan, Imman Annachi, Varun, Sanjeev Venkat, Amir Master, Pavni Reddy, Akshara, and Thamarai. Abishek shares a very good rapport with the majority of the housemates and his re-entry was widely celebrated inside the house. Having said that, we can expect tonight's episode of Bigg Boss to be filled with loads of emotions. The fifth season of Bigg Boss Tamil has crossed 63 days of run and the show is expected to come to an end during the Pongal weekend in January 2022. Priyanka, Raju, and Ciby are expected to be some of the strong contenders to be the finalists of this season.