Ajith Kumar's Thunivu trailer is finally out and is a non-stop action-packed treat for the actor's fans everywhere. The visuals in the trailer give us a glimpse at the mass action entertainment that awaits us when the upcoming film opens in cinemas for Pongal in January 2023. Director H. Vinoth's latest outing with Ajith, which has been produced by Boney Kapoor's Bayview Projects LLP in association with Zee Studios banner and featuring music by Ghibran, is a heist story with Ajith and his band of associates on a mission. Released as a special treat ahead of New Year's Day celebrations, there are several moments in the Thunivu trailer that raise our expectations and make us wish the film would arrive in theatres soon. 

Below is a list of some of the biggest highlights in the Thunivu trailer:


Ajith’s intro in the Thunivu trailer is a thug life moment and right away establishes the character as a guy, who’s focused on his mission and is someone with the purpose of getting what he wants. We get a glimpse at how he can be unrelenting nor is he sympathetic to others' pain, which is noticed when a bank official (Prem Kumar) asks him if he has no shame in stealing the money of the public. 


There are several instances in the Thunivu trailer where we see Ajith’s character coming to the fore as a person with negative shades like the time when he tells everyone in the bank to not act like a hero, or when he powers through with his sarcasm by asking if he’ll get served alcohol for his demands. 


Ajith is set on a mission to carry out a massive heist that gets the attention of the state and holds the bank hostage, which causes a huge chain reaction where the financial institution's shares in the stock market take an immediate big hit leading to John Kokken bursting out in anger saying that the share value has dropped by Rs. 4. We see Ajith getting big support from Manju Warrier as Kanmani and she too is seen flexing her muscles and getting into the midst of the action by managing a big arsenal against what seems to be an airstrike by the police. 


In hindsight, the Thunivu trailer might tease a big heist and the resulting consequences appear to be a cat-and-mouse game between the bank robbers, and the police, and the banking institution. However, there is a hint of a personal vendetta for the band of outlaws as we see a politician also thrown in the mix of the plot, and it remains to be seen what their dispute is, which will be known only when the film releases in theatres. 


As expected, the Thunivu trailer is a package of eye-popping action starting from the bank heist, the speed boat chases, the gun battle between those on water and the air, and much more. Although a majority of the plot seems to be set around the bank based on the trailer, we can expect plenty of action as has been teased in the form of helicopters flying after Ajith, Manju Warrier, and their gang, while making attempts to nab them for their crimes. There's also Samuthirakani playing the role of a cop in charge of handling the conflict that has arisen as a result of the hijacking of the bank and we can expect to see him too in the mix of the action.