Earlier this morning (May 31), actress Sunainaa took to her official Twitter to post a new video. In the video, Sunainaa has placed a very important request to her followers and well wishers. Popular Telugu film producer Avinash Salandra is fighting for his life after getting infected by Covid 19 virus and is currently on medication. He is in need of financial support for a lung transplant operation and Sunainaa has requested people to donate for the operation. Avinash Salandra had produced Sunainaa's Telugu movie, Pelliki Mundu Prema Katha, which released in 2017. The film featured Chethan Cheenu and Sunainaa in the lead roles and was directed by Madhu Gopu.

Talking about producer Avinash Salandra's health and the help, Sunainaa said, "Hello all! I usually do not post videos like these on my Facebook, Instagram, or other social media pages. There is an emergency need right now and that is why I am posting this video. Avinash (her film's producer) was infected by the virus, 1.5 months before. 5 days after getting infected, he was rushed to the hospital as he had breathing problems. Since there were problems with the treatment there, he was shifted to another hospital and he is currently under treatment. Now, he is in need of funds for a lung transplantation. This is an emergency.

So, I'm sharing a link along with the video and if you could click the link and donate, plesase do. Even if it is 10 Rs., please donate. We are in an emergency situation and every rupee counts. Share this video and the link with as many people as you can. I hope this video goes viral and reaches a lot of people. Avinash needs the fund. I was also recently infected and recovered from the Covid 19 virus. I completely understand that this virus isn't a joke. I am just trying to help someone. I know you guys can help me by sharing this link and video".

The video has garnered good attention on social media and let us dearly hope and pray for producer Avinash's speedy recovery. Check out Sunainaa's request video here: